Michael Gallagher

❍ Year of graduation: 2006
❍ Field of current or former occupation: Other

Question: What is your current occupation and where do you live? Please briefly describe your duties and responsibilities. How long have you been at this position?

Michael Gallagher: I am a farmer and I live in Lanesborough, MA. Together with my wife I own and operate a small farm. We raise and market beef, pork, chicken, lamb, egg and vegetables. We have had our own farm for six years.

Question: Did studying Russian language and culture at Williams help you in your professional and personal development? If yes, then how were Russian Studies were useful to you? What opportunities and challenges did the Russian major open up for you both specific to your current occupation and more generally?

Michael Gallagher: I think it would be hard to contend that studying Russian at Williams helped my professional development, but it certainly helped my personal development. I definitely got a lot out of my experience studying abroad, not because it was so wonderful but because it was quite difficult.

Question: Please share your advice or recommendation about the Russian department at Williams to a prospective student who is considering taking courses or majoring in our program.

Michael Gallagher: I really enjoyed studying in the Russian department. The department is very small and very close. Even though I almost never use Russian in my professional life, I don’t regret majoring in Russian at all. I think that I would tell students that if you take a course and love it, then keep doing it, even if you don’t foresee using it professionally.

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