Samuel Hanchett

❍ Year of graduation: 1977
❍ Field of current or former occupation: Other

Question: What is your current occupation and where do you live? Please briefly describe your duties and responsibilities. How long have you been at this position?

Samuel Hanchett: I presently administer on-line Bible study courses in Russian for our church Библейская церковь «Слово благодати». I also am editing an English version of a book entitled “Драгоценный Христос” written by our pastor Aleksey Kolomiytsev. We lived in Battle Ground, WA and I have been in this position for three years after teaching in Bible College in Ukraine and pastoring two churches for 18 years. I have also worked part time as an accountant for a small Russian trucking company.

Question: Did studying Russian language and culture at Williams help you in your professional and personal development? If yes, then how were Russian Studies were useful to you? What opportunities and challenges did the Russian major open up for you both specific to your current occupation and more generally?

Samuel Hanchett: Yes, Williams gave me my foundation in Russian which I have used all of my professional life. I married Nina, a Russian born in Kazakhstan, who did not speak English when we married, so obviously Russian helped here in personal development. Russian is the first language for our three children. In addition to the importance of Russian in my family life, Russian has been an essential part of all of my life’s work.

Question: Please share your advice or recommendation about the Russian department at Williams to a prospective student who is considering taking courses or majoring in our program.

Samuel Hanchett: I studied Russia at Williams from 1973-77 when Edwin Cruise, Michael Katz, and Nick Fersen were teaching. I consider that my Russian training was of the highest quality. I trust that the same is true today.

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