Donald Wood

I'm currently a Director of Brand Management for Sodexo, a leading provider of "Quality of Life" services, which encompass food and facilities management, among other areas. I lead our National restaurant brand partnerships - working with over 40 brands such as Starbucks, Qdoba, Einstein Bros Bagels, Subway, Taco Bell and others. I also look for potential new brand partners and lead our celebrity chef partnerships for several of our internal programs. I've been here a year. I live in the Washington, DC area in Rockville, MD. Continue reading »

Abigail Williamson

Since 2012, I have been an Assistant Professor of Political Science and Public Policy & Law at Trinity College in Hartford. My research focuses on how local governments in the United States respond to immigrants and how these responses shape social and political incorporation. I enjoy teaching at another NESCAC school and am particularly involved with efforts to help Trinity students enrich their studies through community learning in Hartford. Continue reading »

William Thorn

I am a retired Commercial Attache of the U.S. Department of Commerce's Foreign Commercial Service, having served in Moscow, London, Brussels, and headquarters over the past 10 years. As commercial diplomats we counseled, assisted, and advocated for U.S. companies exporting to or investing in country markets worldwide. I now reside in north Arlington, Virgina, a Washington, D.C. suburb. Continue reading »

Gregory Smith

I went to business school immediately after Williams and then came to Wall Street in investment banking- 17 years with big firms, 18 years with my current firm (Media investment banking). Continue reading »

Kolleen Rask

Professor of Economics at the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, MA. I live in Southborough, MA. I have been here since 1989. Continue reading »

Maria Ragucci

At the time of my graduation, there weren't a lot of possibilities for Russian majors- I interviewed at the NSA, but was advised that I would likely never be able to travel to Russia again if I accepted that job, so I declined to pursue that. I wasn't sure I was interested in graduate school and teaching. I ended up going to Harvard Law School (biology was something I really enjoyed, but I did not want to go to Med School), after spending a year teaching English in Japan. I worked on Wall Street, then went to the legal department of Chase Bank. I worked for 15 years, then retired after my son was born. My husband and I moved to Rye, NY, about 20 miles north of Manhattan, where we live today. I have been a stay-at-home mother for the past 19 years. Continue reading »

Daniel Peris

I work in investment management. Quite remote from my original training in Russian studies. Pittsburgh, 15 years. I oversee stock investment portfolios for a wide variety of individuals, endowments, pension funds, retirement plans, etc. Continue reading »

Peter Ogilvie

Currently sell residential real estate in New Canaan/Greenwich/Darien, CT which I have done for 15 years. After college and grad school, considered Nat’l Security Council but finally opted for NYC banking with Bankers Trust. Continue reading »

Douglas Northrop

Professor of History and Near Eastern Studies, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor; specialist in modern Central Asian history. I'm presently also associate chair of the History Department. I have been at UM since 2004. Continue reading »