Elizabeth Kellison

I live in Seattle Washington, and work at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. I am a deputy director on the Financial Services for the Poor team, which works to make digital financial services widely accessible to poor people throughout the developing world. I also lead a body of work on the FSP team focused on improving women’s access to and usage of digital financial services, in the belief that a woman’s control over financial assets empowers her economically and socially, and leads to better outcomes for her and her household. Continue reading »

Elizabeth Andersen

I live in Washington DC, where I serve as the Director of the American Bar Association Rule of Law Initiative, the ABA’s global development program, working in about 60 countries world-wide to support justice sector actors in their efforts to strengthen laws and legal institutions to promote access to justice, economic opportunity and human rights. My responsibilities include all aspects of oversight of this $40 million program, including strategic planning, fundraising, and management of our 700 staff and volunteers working throughout the world. Continue reading »